'Words during Covid’

Each week we shall set a word prompt & you can respond to it in any way you wish. We thought it could be interesting and hopefully a cathartic activity to do in the midst of all this, a chance to be creative and to create a collaborative diary of sorts.

You can see the responses to our prompts so far on our blog.

Our final prompt is: 'growing'

Please email your responses, by the 19th July to psychepublication@outlook.com

Women’s aid have launched an urgent appeal as their services have had a big increase in demand during the Covid 19 outbreak. 

A copy of Psyche 2 is £15 and we shall donate £5 of each sale to Women’s Aid until the end of May. We shall be posting in a hygienic and safe way, and shall be going to the post office just once a week to complete orders.


We are down to our last 40 copies so order soon if you'd like a copy!


issue 2 out now

about us

Psyche is a mental health and socio political magazine that aims to engage and provoke discussion. We embrace the therapeutic and transformative nature of story telling and human expression. 


Our desire is to create a platform for a broad range of sociopolitical themes to be discussed, with an open submission policy in place to ensure that content is relevant and current. Working within the framework of ‘the psyche’ we are keen to explore creativity and its relationship with everyday experiences and current affairs. That focus has lead us to the intersection of the mind, mental health, philosophy and politics; with the second issue presenting a new take on this broad arena in choosing the defining theme CONFRONTATIONS.

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