Psyche Publication is a mental health and sociopolitical risograph magazine. Psyche aims to engage and provoke discussion about mental health and embraces the transformative nature of storytelling and human expression. 

What is Psyche Publication?

Our desire is to create a platform for a broad range of sociopolitical themes to be discussed, with an open submission policy to ensure our content is relevant and current. This has lead us to the intersection of the mind, mental health, philosophy and politics. Our second issue focuses on: CONFRONTATIONS.

Our first issue was shortlisted for Stack Student Magazine of the Year Award, a Silver Creative Conscience Award and featured in Intern Magazine |  It's Nice That  Issue One was stocked in Printed Matter (New York), Libreria bookshop (London), Good Press (Glasgow), Aye Aye Books (Glasgow), Paradise Palms (Edinburgh) and more. See our Stack Magazine review of Issue 1  here

Psyche was founded by Lucy Grainge and Juliette Fitzgerald Duffy in their final year of Communication Design at The Glasgow School of Art.

Why do we talk about mental health? 

Mental Health is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation, and for good reason. 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. Psyche is proud to be part of the growing number of magazines and art forms that are addressing and continuing the conversation about our mental health and inner worlds.

Psyche is about dissecting lived experience, allowing us the necessary luxury of reflection. It's about finding ways to grow, challenge our learned behaviours, and to escape coping mechanisms born out of trauma. Rather than just getting by and surviving we want to contribute to a culture of growth, compassion, curiosity without judgment and ultimately: healing. 

Our contributors 

In this CONFRONTATIONS issue we have 28 pieces by writers, poets, an environmental collective, social workers, actors, singer songwriters, fashion designers, librarians, baristas, art students and copy writers and more sharing their perspectives. As a result we tackle subject matter ranging from mental health, to fat-phobia, eco-anxiety, police brutality, minimal brexit, the political climate in Nothern Ireland, benefits, sexism, personal relationships and more.

What is risograph printing?

The choice of the risograph printing method is integral to Psyche, both for sustainable reasons but also for the intimacy and quality of each printed page. Risograph produces a unique aesthetic due to the overlays created and subtle inconsistencies between each print. Each of the 500 copies are unique.

Risograph is an energy efficient method of printing, creating minimal waste. Our printers Out of the Blueprint use soy based ink and banana paper stencils, they print on recycled paper stock and use local suppliers to reduce impact to the environment. Read more about our printers here 

Our Environmental stance

Where we can we make sure Psyche is as minimal cost to the environment as possible. 

  • Risograph is an energy efficient method of printing.

  • All of the inner paper and test prints are printed on recycled paper. 

  • The thank you cards we are sending out will be on test prints or misprints from the magazine.


  • We are trying to source recycled packaging / wallets to wrap issue 2 in  - please get in touch if you have any leads !

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